Green Mountain Engagment session

So I have been avoiding starting this blog for quite some time now. Writing has never been a passion of mine and I know that once I officially start I am signing up to the commitment of writing regularly, which I know I wont do. However, whenever I visit a blog I am really more interested in the pretty pictures and less interested in the words surrounding them. That's the beautiful thing about photographs, they tend to tell their own story and more often than not explanation isn't really needed. Posting photographs is definitely something I feel more comfortable committing to and I hope to do my best to tell the subjects story through them.

Olivia and David are high school sweethearts who will be tying the knot at the lumberyard next fall. We met up at green mountain for their session with their two dogs! I never get an opportunity to photograph animals outside of my own, so I was very excited they choose to bring them along. Luckily we were able to capture the very end of the fall foliage for the year. That mixed with the chilly weather made for a very cozy session.